About us

The company was founded in the beginning of 2007 and since then has a successful history of trading of more than 4 million metric tons of grains and oilseeds around the globe. In 2015, the total grains and oilseeds traded by our company reached a record-high of 300 000 metric tons. We work with the biggest companies in the industry worldwide – Ameropa AG, Glencore Grain BV, Cargill, Nidera and others. Now we will apply all the expertise we acquired during the years in our new business segment – peeling of sunflower seeds.

Magic Flame EOOD, BULSTAT No. 148020095 is a company with registered and management address Sofia, 90, Vitosha blvd., 5th floor, office 6. The Company has a trade office in Varna city.

  • Eduard H. Bagdasaryan is the Company`s owner and manager,
  • The registered capital amounts to 5,000 BGN. The share capital amounts to 5 391 000 BGN.
  • The Company was established on 23.03.2006 by decision No. 1921 of Varna District Court. Partners and founders are Eduard Hrant Bagdasaryan and Miriam Dikran Bagdasaryan.
  • On 06.12.2006 the partner Miriam Dikran Bagdasaryan was changed out Ivanka Angelova Zaneva – Georgieva.
  • When the Trade Register was formed, the company have been re-registered in it.
  • In 2010 the Company changed its management address from Varna city to Sofia city due to company`s obligation to be registered as a Large Payer in the National Revenue Agency and necessity of corporate financial resource. Now the Company is registered in Central office of the National Revenue Agency in Sofia according the NRA`s methodology (on location).
  • The Company has known in the grain market for 10 years. It is registered in the National Grain and Feed Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Republic of Bulgaria. The Company has License and reports its operative results to the National Grain and Feed Service. The Company works with over 150 suppliers – grain traders and over 30 customers.
  • Magic Flame EOOD possesses its own grain facility in Dobrich, Riltsi village and uses other 6 rented licensed grain facilities and port warehouses.
    The main activity of the Company is local and international trade in cereals and other food grains, trade in goods and services in the processing of grain. Classification Code declared to NSI – 4621 – Wholesale of grain, seed, animal feed and raw tobacco.
  • The Company has granted the credit lines by Unicredit Bulbank AD and UBB. The payments are made only through bank transfers. The Company has retained good financial rating in spite of the crisis years to date and we have an ambition for growing effectiveness.
  • The Company has shown a steady trend of increasing the financial performance and extending of volume of sales.
  • The company entered the market for grains and grain derived products in France, Romania, Greece, Poland, Germany, China and others.
  • MAGIC FLAME EOOD is member of KRIB which is member of ICC
  • MAGIC FLAME EOOD is member of BATZF which is member of COCERAL