Sunflower husk briquettes

The briquettes of Magic Flame Ltd. are a 100% natural product, exclusively produced from sunflower husk. The briquettes are a tehnological waste received in the process of production and processing of sunflower kernels. The briquettes are a perfect substitute to coal, wood, wood briquettes, fuel oil, etc. The difference is that sunflower husk briquettes have higher calorific value and very low void content of the released emissions. In fact, our briquettes contain no harmful emissions and resins.


  • 1 ton of sunflower husk pellets is equal to: 1.4 t of brown coal briquettes, 1.9 t of firewood, 2.5 t of coal dust, etc.
  • Easy for transport
  • Easy for storage (it is not attacked by rodents)

We offer:

Packaged in bags of 20 kg

Packaged in Big-bags of 1000 kg